Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A new favorite?

Today I wanted to talk about a new diaper I have discovered, that is in close running with my Thirsties AIO to be a favorite; the Diaper Rite All In One One size diaper.

   I admit to being a bit of a “lazy” diaperer. I need the easiest and fastest way to change diapers; I have 2 year old twins who quickly lose their patience for folding and pinning. We need easy on easy off. So I looked at All in ones. I had done pockets before, but after 4 years and 5 kids, I was so over stuffing pockets. I know it doesn’t take that long, but honestly it was longer than I wanted to spend doing it.

  All in ones seemed like a great choice, but can be very costly, especially when you are diapering more than one child. So I went on the hunt for an economical choice to test them out before I took the plunge.
  I had tried the Imagine bamboo AIO and while I liked them, I had issues. My children are sensitive to wetness, so I needed to add a liner to them. And the Velcro wasn’t lasting long. My issue with snaps on the    Imagine diaper is that I need crossover snaps, not something offered by a lot of diapers. Hip snaps are a must to prevent wing droop, and my kids are petite in the hips, so cross over it a must.

   I had some Diaper Rite covers, so I was poking around on http://www.diaperjunction.com/ to see what they carried in the way of all in ones. Lo and behold, they made their own. And it was affordable. I ordered on Black Friday and paid $8.95 each, but even full price was only $11.95. Can’t beat that. So I bought 2 to test out, if it didn’t work, no biggie.

   They arrived and I was skeptical at first, they seemed thin. But I liked the design. I love the front flap to hold the insert in; it’s great for preventing leaks for tummy sleepers. The insert doesn’t require any special folding to work.

   My twins are on the second rise setting at 2 years old and 21ish pounds. The insert fits beautifully in the diaper, and the flap holds any excess. The hip snaps give me a secure fit on the thighs without being so tight as to cause marks or pain. The cross over snaps allow for a great fit at the waist. Even when I add a doubler for bed time, I can let out the waist a bit and still have an amazing fit. I have tested these out on my 34lb 3 ½ year old, and they fit him as well. He’s potty trained, so I did not try them for function, but I would imagine they would work wonderfully as they do for the younger ones as well.

   These diapers have lasted overnight with an extra insert, nap time by themselves, and day time wear as if it were nothing. Hands down the best OS diaper I have owned. Easy to put on, easy to wash and care for. Great fit, great absorbency. Fantastic all the way around.

   The company has halted production to revamp the design a bit, I am holding out hope they don’t change any of the things I love, but I cannot wait to try the new ones. And I hope beyond hope that they will release a newborn size as well. 

I adore my Thirsties AIO and between those and my few DRAIO, they are the first diapers to get used out of the wash. It's a tough call as to which is my one and only favorite, I am not sure I can pick just one. 
Stay tuned for a review of the Thirsties AIO.

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