Monday, January 20, 2014

Guess it's time to take the plunge

I've had this blog kicking around for well over a year, and never launched it. I guess now is as good a time as any huh?

I wanted to start blogging when I found the awesome world of crochet. When my grandmother passed away in June of 2011, I took her death hard. It wasn't unexpected, but it was hard.

She was the most amazing woman I had ever known. Fascinating life, wonderful stories. Just amazing to me. Always had been, and always will be.

A week after she passed away, I learned I was pregnant for the 5th time. We had always said baby #5 would be named after her. Boy or girl. A few short weeks later, we learned I was carrying twins. Twin girls. I was excited, scared, everything that comes with twin pregnancy. In case you're curious, baby A is named after my grandmother.

While helping my family clear out her house, the hardest part after the death of a beloved family member, I opened a dresser drawer and found a bag full of old yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles and various accessories I knew nothing about.

I asked my father if I could have them, and he said I could. So I packed them away with a few other items of hers that I was taking home to treasure always.

I knew nothing of knitting and crochet, but I felt like I could connect with her through using her tools. Plus as an added benefit, teaching myself this new hobby would force me to sit on the couch and be stationary. Something else pretty much needed while carrying twins. Lots of rest. I can do that.

So I bought some books, checked out the ever amazing Internet, and sat down to teach myself. My first projects were easy enough, hats and washcloths. They worked out well so I kept going. Over time I became confident in my skills, even managed to sell a few things I made to some other moms, and was having a blast. Then I decided to venture into blogging as a way to share my patterns and tutorials with people. Hopefully you have as much fun with them as I do.

There will be other items around here too, I have a large family, I sew, I cook/bake, and I cloth diaper. So expect to see some randomness throughout the blog. That is the nature of my brain, random.


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