Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Silence is golden....sometimes

Silence is golden...sometimes

I have been silent for a couple of weeks now, not planned, but unavoidable.

We sold a home and bought a new one last week. That means the last two weeks have been spent packing, unpacking, dealing with unexpected things like keys not working, leaky fridges and such.

This is the second time I have moved during the third trimester and I have to say it's not easy or fun. I don't really do any of the hard labor of moving, but it is still exhausting. Never again. Unless, you know, I decide to.

We love the new home. We downsized a considerable amount, almost half. But we got one level which is something we desperately wanted. Having a large family makes home searching difficult at times, but the right one came to us at the right price, and it went as smoothly as it could  have. 

The kids love being here, the new school is amazing. No more bullying. It's wonderful.

The one level is fantastic for toddlers who want to walk everywhere. I no longer worry that they will sneak up a staircase before anyone sees them or disaster strikes. It's wonderful.

Now that unpacking is mostly complete, I hope to get back to a real routine and that includes spending more time here on the blog.

My creative juices have been needing an outlet but everything was packed away. I am hoping to have some new things to show everyone soon.

Later this week I will have a crochet pattern for you, as soon as I find the cords to get the photos to my computer. 

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