Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sewing for baby: let's make a romper! Part 1

Sewing for baby:
Part 1

I mentioned before about this awesomely adorable fabric I got from This awesome fabric store!

    I had made a couple of diapers from it, but wanted some clothing too. It’s a great print, and a very thin knit, which is perfect for Texas Summer.

This time I opted for a one piece romper. Summer or not, one piece outfits are great on babies. No exposed bellies to worry about, no concerns over pants being too big and falling off (always a concern with my tiny little babies).

I searched around and didn’t find a good pattern I liked, so I was just about to eyeball one when I found this link on Pinterest. It’s Dutch, which I don’t speak, but the pattern is solid and pretty simple to follow even without written instructions. Of course you could translate it into English if you wanted.

I simply cut the pattern and then winged the rest.

Since mine is thin, I double up on the interior parts that will be inside the legs, I opted not to do a separate binding, so these pieces need to be sturdy enough to hold snaps, though I am leaving towards using buttons as a closure. I can’t decide yet.

I pinned a lot to help keep the fabric from rolling, used my trusty knit stitch and moved very slowly.

As this is a thinner jersey knit, it is prone to rolling, so you want to go slow and pay close attention that you are sewing through all the layers where wanted. Taking stitches out of fabric this thin is not fun at all.

You are sewing right sides together as you will flip them to the inside of the piece when done.

Sew all of the leg binding pieces, then move to the shoulder seams. Sew right sides together on both shoulders.

Pin your sleeves to the armsyce and sew those in.

Flip your piece so you are looking at the right side all laid out flat. Now bring right sides together and pin the arm and side seams at the same time.

I much prefer this method over inserting a sleeve into an existing arm hole, but if you prefer the other way, there is no reason that would not also work.

Sew the arms and side seams together.

We are almost done, we need to complete the binding edge on the legs, neck and front openings, hem sleeves and legs and we’ll be ready to dress up adorable babies.

**I do not own a serger, so my inside seams are typically finished with a zig-zag stitch or my machines version of the over lock stitch. However, as knit does not fray, and this is super thin with a tendency to roll, I did not do any seam finishing. Of course you should do whatever you like in regards to seam finishing.**

I had to put my machine away for a few days, but stay tuned, the completion of this is coming soon.

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