Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thirsties All In One review

     I have been diapering for a long time, through a lot of kids. I only found cloth diapers when I was pregnant with #4 and I have not looked back.

Like most families, we have taken breaks here and there for various reasons, which have been fine too. The great thing with cloth is that it does not have to be an all or nothing proposition. You can use them part time, full time, or any combination that works for you.

I have tried every type of cloth out there. While I love them all, I have to admit to being a lazy diaperer. I did pockets for a long time, but 4 kids over 3 years in pockets, and stuffing gets old really quick. They worked great, fit great, were adorable. But I just felt like I spent so much time stuffing. I got burned out.

I tried All in one, and was in love. Yes they take a tad longer to dry, but the ease of use easily made up for that. When diapering 3 kids full time, or even twins full time, ease of use made a big difference for me. My kids are sensitive to feeling wet, so I needed a stay dry inner, which is pretty easy to find in AIO. 

I have two favorites, that I love equally. It truly is a toss up. Both have wonderful fit and function.

I previously gave my opinion on the Diaper Rite AIO (find that here), and today I will be offering up a review on the Thirsties Brand AIO size 2 (I have tried size 1 and it's the same opinion, just a smaller size. But we've outgrown them and the new boy isn't here yet for me to test on him.) Find info about the AIO here

I have 3 of these diapers and they all are in the same condition. One of the diapers started to lose stitching on the landing strip on the front, Thirsties has amazing customer service (contact them here). I called them up, asked them to send me a replacement strip so I could repair it myself, after all, the diaper was well loved here, and I certainly did not consider it to be the fault of the company. As with all textiles, when diapers get used, eventually things need repair. Instead, they replaced the entire diaper with a brand new one. All without me asking. I would have been happy to replace the velcro, but they sent me a brand new diaper. Amazing. Customer Service seems to be dead in a lot of companies these days, but Thirsties still believes in going above and beyond. Impressive.

I have these diapers in Aplix, my one complaint is that Thirsties snap diapers do not have hip snaps, which means my skinny legged kiddos have issues wearing them. So we use aplix. I get a great fit every time, and have no problems with their Aplix diapers. Thirsties Aplix is strong and sturdy, but still soft so if/when it does touch baby's belly, you do not have to worry about scratching that precious little skin.

My twins are 2 years old now and about 23 lbs. We are in size 2 AIO, on the second rise snap. I could easily see these diapers fitting my kids for a very long time. They are petite weight wise, so perhaps a heavier toddler of the same age may not get quite the life out of these that we will. But for us, they will last to potty training with not issues.

They fit super snug, but the leg elastic is cushy, and we never have red marks. 

My favorite thing about this AIO is the tunnel design. The insert is sewn down a long the sides, but is open in the front and back. 

This means you can add doublers if you need, and they can go under the insert. So you keep your stay dry topper. Which is awesome. I have been able to put two additional fluffy inserts in that tunnel, and had zero issues with fit. The aplix allows for a great fit even stuffed to extreme.

I have used these diapers overnight double or triple stuffed. Day time with no additional inserts.  Each and every time, I can count on them to perform wonderfully. 

And again, when my tabs needed replacing, I called Thirties to buy new sets, and they mailed them for free. Not at all what I was expecting. I would have been more than happy to buy a replacement kit, again, these diapers get a lot of love here, and it is certainly not Thirsties fault that the tabs wear out. It is the nature of textiles. But they went above and beyond again.

I am blown away by their service. One of the best companies, in any industry, that I have dealt with over the last few years as far as service to the customer goes. Ah-mazing, I cannot sing their praises enough.

I have used several Thirsties items over my diapering career, covers, the old style sized AIO with the pockets, the duo pocket and now the duo AIO. I have never been disappointed. Never. 

I will be buying more of these for sure

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