Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Diaper Sewing for the newbie

A few years ago when I started cloth diapering, I started sewing some of my own. I loved it. 

After a while, it became too much to keep up with sewing, caring for 4 kids, carrying the twins, moving into a new home and blah blah blah.

So I put away my diaper sewing stuff and went on about my life. 

My husband is amazing, and supports all of my crafty habits, even when they seem to be nuts. In 2013 when I decided to sew all of the kids Easter outfits on my old sewing machine, he supported that crazy endeavor. And when he saw how much fun I was having, he bought me a new machine for my birthday!

Some may consider it to be an appliance and therefore a "no-no" of gift giving but it's awesome, I love it, and I love him for thinking of it. 

I've been sewing tons of stuff since I got it. 



All sorts of clothes for my kids:

And so much more!

Since baby #7 is on his way, I knew he'd have his fair share (and then some) of mommy made stuff. Especially since he is expected to make his arrival in the summer, and my normal crochet hobby seems to be more of a winter thing. 

I've made some clothing items, and have more cut out. But when I won a gift certificate to This awesome fabric store! I knew I would use it for diaper fabrics.

This baby will be in cloth, just like the 4 who came before him. And what is cuter than newborn diapers? Nothing.

I chose two fabrics: Adorable! and Squishy!
Which together are the perfect diaper combo. Cute and functional

For my first diaper, I opted for a QSFW, which is also called a Daddy Flat.
I love these diapers, they are easy to make, easy to use, wash and dry quickly, and fit a variety of weights and sizes. If you leave them closure-less, you can snappi them which leaves you a lot of room for flexibility. 
They do need a cover, so be prepared.

Pattern is here: QSFW pattern

I chose to do the smallest NB size as I have small babies, and I think we will get a ton of usage out of this size. The pattern is very simple, cut one layer of each fabric, I did one layer of sherpa and one of the knit. 

Then it's a simple pin right sides together, stitch around, leave a hole for turning, turn and top stitch. 

There are variations that call for elastic, or snaps/velcro, or even a stay dry fabric. Someone has even made it an AIO by using fleece or PUL for the outer layer. I went simple and made a regular plain flat.

When it's all done, you fold the wings to the middle, and pin or snappi around the baby. Easy Peasy.

For a newborn, this layering will be fine, once the wings are folded in, it's 3 layers of sherpa and 3 of knit. Fine for a newbie.

I made an over night version with two layers of sherpa. This will have increased absorbency for over nights, when you go longer between changings. 

I have some covers cut out to sew, which will work wonderfully over these. 
I can't wait to see the tiny little fluffy bum of my new little guy!

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