Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Men's button up shirt becomes awesome maternity frock

          Maternity clothing sucks. I've worn a lot of it over the years, and I am just kind of over it. Some is cute, some is not. Most is very comfortable which is always a bonus. But sometimes I just want something that looks new. Or more polished. Or more like regular clothes.

I do a lot of thrift shopping at my local Salvation Army store, and have had good luck (photos to come of two adorable things I picked up last week). I am lucky that I can sew, which opens up some great possibilities. 

I love being able to remake something not getting love, into something that will get some love. This time, it was one of my husband's no longer loved button up shirts:

Look at the adorable stripes! Great for spring a summer, so fun!

Thankfully I batted my eyelashes at him, and asked if I could have it. He agreed although he thought I was crazy I'm sure.

So I put it on my sewing partner and decided what to do. First I removed the pocket.

Then I cut off the sleeves

And draw out a neck line

Then I cut the neck. Turned it it side out and sketched out the side seams. This was a pretty simple a-line, nothing fancy about it really.

I cut and sewed the sides, then decided on arms. I needed to take a bit off the arms which was a quick pin, cut, sew job

Once the sleeves were reattached, I chose elastic placement. 
This time, I wanted two rows of elastic. I opted for under bust placement to allow for the most belly growing room.

I kept the original hem line for a couple of reasons: a- it's easy, 2-it allows it to get shorter as I get bigger and c-the hem line of shirts is cute I think!

I used bias tape to do the neckline, though a simple fold and hem would have worked too.

I added the pocket back to the lower area, so it's a hip pocket now :)

I had a wide black elastic belt in the closet already, which worked great with this.

I threw on a black empire waist knit dress, some leggings and my shirt dress (it's cold here still so layers were good), my belt and was ready to go. 

It does button all the way down, I just chose to wear it open here.

Super comfy, plenty of growing room, adorable on I think and FREE!!!

Go raid hubby's closet now!

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