Monday, February 17, 2014

Curly Q

Since the famous groundhog has informed us that winter will go on, we have been hit with very cold temperatures here at home. A brief snow fall, though nothing like I have seen on the news happening up north. One more reason I am thankful to live in the Lone Star state.

A dear friend of mine admired the pig tail hats my twins wore on a recent outing.

How could one not be swept away by that adorable-ness?

She mentioned that her 3 year old daughter would love to have a hat like these.
So I set out to make one. Easy enough to get started, use a favorite DC beanie pattern.
The curly pig tails are really the only pattern I have for you. 

Red heart with love Chocolate
G hook
Yarn needle
Stitch marker

--make 2--

Start with magic ring, 8 SC into ring. 
Join to top of first DC with slip stitch
**Chain 45, 2SC in 2nd chain from hook, 3SC in each chain to beginning. Slip stitch to next SC of circle**
Repeat from ** in each SC of circle, until you have 8 curly tails extending from the inner circle.

Mark placement on hat with stitch marker, , mine start at round 6, but you can add them wherever you like.
Sew the curls to the hat, using the circle as a base. The curls should cover the circle when the hat is held upright, or worn.

Repeat with the other set of curls.

You can do a few things here, add ponytail holders, add ribbon, crochet a hair bow. Whatever you like.

In this case, I opted to make some crochet bows on hair clips so they could be worn with or without the hat.

Take a moment to wind this hot mess into a proper ball, trust me.

I used the same hook as above

Chain 30, SC in 2nd chain and across
Ch 1, turn. DC on each SC across
Ch 1 turn. SC in each DC
fold each end toward the middle and sew the ends together. Cut off a long length of yarn before binding off. 

Use the long length of yarn to create the middle portion of the bow by wrapping it around the center several times.

Fasten off and weave in ends.
Insert hair clip into a few layers of the center

Use the clip to affix the bow to the hat above the curly pig tail. Repeat with the 2nd bow.

Give your hat to an adorable model and enjoy the cuteness. 

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